September 28, 2012

I hope that everyone is well and finding a balance now that we have been actively back in school for 5 weeks.  Many students are involved in their extracurricular activities.  There is lots of things going on throughout the Lee campus.  Brag about your kids, and keep me informed of their progress. 

Academically, students are coming to tutoring.  Remember the bar is set for 80 or higher in all classes.  This is a definitive challenge.  I want our kids working hard and striving everyday to be the best they can be and to be successful.  At the high school level we have our first shark school this Saturday.  I hope that the students understand the importance of their success.  They are continuing to develop their CORE VALUES in having strong work habits, responsibility, accountability, perserverance, and integrity.  The kids never cease to amaze me.  If you have not gotten a parent portal account, this is a very useful tool to keep track of what you student is doing at school.  It covers grades, attendance, discipline, cafeteria accounts, library notices ,immunizations, textbooks issued, etc.  Go to the NEISD website to sign up.   

This Thursday, we took our first all STEM panoramic picture.  We will send home a flier with prices for the middle school students to order and bring in their money.  The high school kids can bring their money in on Tuesday, as Herndon Panoramics will be on campus selling the photos.  The kids took many pictures that day.  Senior Class of Lee, Senior Class for STEM, all STEM, Lee-ettes, PAL’s.  If the kids bring a check to Lee for the high school photos, make it out to Herndon Panoramics.  The same will be true for the Nimitz students, but they will order theirs. 

Some information for those students who are on free/reduced lunch.  Students who were on the free and reduced price meal program for 2011-2012 have until October 9 to submit a new application. If a new application is not approved by that day, their meal status will be changed to full pay. They will be responsible for all meal charges even if subsequently approved. We are mailing notices and sending messages though ParentLink from the School Nutrition Department to advise the affected households that their applications are expiring.  Families may submit paper or online applications. Online applications are generally processed within the day.

I am also going to attach a document about backpack safety.  As we have gotten into the school year, the backpacks are full and very heavy.  Please take notice of the load the kids are carrying and stay safe.  BackPack Safety – 07.11.12

 Next week we will start the 6th week of the year.  At the end of this week, students academic progress will be measured and eligibility will be determined that will allow students to participate in UIL activities.  We have a few students who have not realized that they will need to work hard to stay in STEM.  We have a few who haven’t done much, and need to make some decisions before it is too late to recover credits.  We have a LOT of students who are working hard and doing what is expected. 

It has been a great week.  I will leave you this week with this. 

Success means something different to each one of us, but it comes to those who are willing to work hard and who continue to be dedicated to making their dreams come true.   


September 25, 2012

Good Tuesday afternoon,

Students received their progress reports last Friday, indicating their progress for the 1st 3 weeks of school.  Most students are in great shape, but there are some of our students who haven’t figured out that they need to change their work habits.

Teachers are available everyday, for the most part, for tutoring before and after school. We are gathering a PDF for each grade level that indicated the tutoring schedules for the grade levels.  This Saturday, September 29, some of the high school STEM teachers will be available for tutoring and support in the classes students are needing to be addressed.  This is for STEM classes only.  The other teachers will not be available to assist, but  the students may bring work from those teachers classes to work on.

If your child is working hard, going to tutoring, and barely making it, don’t worry.  We are not going to remove them from STEM.  The students who choose not to show us that they are working toward their potential, not coming to tutoring, have missing assignments, lack communication will help themselves in making the decision to reevaluate their priorities and rise to the challenge or select a different educational opportunity.  I want every student that we have to remain in our program, but the fact of the matter is not every student wants to be here and work to be college and career ready.


If your child is going to be absent send me an email:  [email protected]  Thanks for those of you who have been emailing me.

September 25:  High School PSAT/AP/GT Parent Night @ Lee at 6:30

September 27:  STEM faculty/student panoramic pictures

September 29:  STEM Shark Saturday, 3rd floor Main Building Lee HS 8-12

October 5:  End of the first 6 weeks of school.  (grades submitted as of this date will determine eligibility for UIL purposes)

October 8:  Student Holiday

October 9:  EOC Night at Lee 6:30 is for 9th and 10th grade

October 11:  STEM Game Night all students; 4:30 – 8:00 at Lee

October 13:  First SA Best Robotics Competition

October 17:  PSAT for all 10-11 grade students

October 31:  College Night @ Blossom Athletic Center

September 14, 2012

Happy Friday to you all,

We have now finished our 3rd week of school.  Things are definitely in full swing.  Some students have gotten fully engaged into the year and are already working incredibly hard.  Others are testing the waters.  We have some students who still have not completed summer assignments and others who are already behind.  The first Progress Report will be issued to the students next Friday.  Look for them.  Any class that has grades below 80 will require mandatory tutoring.  The student’s Academic Coach will help the students to develop a tutoring schedule if they need help.  The kids will definitely need to be checking in with their coach to show that they in fact have been going to tutoring.

Technology is always a work in progress.  There are still a few bugs that are being worked out, but for the most part, adaptation is taking place.  I am hoping that within the next couple of weeks we have most of the issues resolved.

Nimitz Greenback Night was well attended by the STEM families.  It was great to see you there.  I got a chance to see many of you and talk to a few of you.  This next week, September 20, Lee will host their Greenback Night.  They will have a GT parents meeting, followed by the PTA meeting, then classroom visits.  I look forward to seeing the high school parents.

Good Luck to everyone competing and participating in events this weekend.  Until next week: